Un ricordo indimenticabile di colori sapori e profumi

Solletichiamo ogni giorno i sensi dei nostri ospiti con le nostre proposte gastronomiche


Restaurant and Pizzeria: We offer our guests both the catering service, mainly fresh fish, prepared with simplicity and sophistication, to be accompanied by a refined selection of wines, both the service pizzeria that thanks to the expert hands of our expert pizza maker allows you to enjoy lightly tasty pizzas, among the most popular of our promontory;

Aperi-Dinner and Bar: Just at sunset our factory guarantees to bring in the heart of our customers the most striking image that nature can offer. The breathtaking sunset and the smell of the sea accompanied by appetizers / buffet prepared by the staff, tickle the senses every day of our guests, giving an unforgettable memory of colors flavors and fragrances

Beach service: In the hour of dinner, our staff ensures a professional and friendly, our lazy and relaxed service customers under the umbrella 

Dopo l'istante magico in cui il Tramonto si è congiunto con l'orizzione i miei occhi si sono aperti nel mare, non mi è stato più possibile vedere, pensare, vivere come prima.

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